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Public outreach events

Open Day @ IST 2023
Open Day, Instituto Superior Técnico, May 2023

with Vinicius Schaedler Damin, Alfredo Hernandez, Miguel Marôco, Tomas Freire

Mathematical models in biomedicine – activities for the general public (cancer modeling, antibiotic resistance, biodiversity in infectious diseases)

Previous activities, Gulbenkian Science Institute


Press release on the paper by Gjini & Wood in eLife (2021):

Model can predict how drug interactions influence antibiotic resistance

Other coverage of this paper in media outlets:

Interview (in Albanian) on biomathematics – Erida Gjini on Diaspora Shqiptare (2021)

Press release by IGC on the paper by Gjini & Madec in Ecology and Evolution (2021)

Into the complexity of microbial communities

Press release on the paper Singh et al. (2021) in Cell, Host and Microbe (2021)

Sepsis: new evidence to understand and fight disease

Coverage of the paper by Madec & Gjini in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2020)

Coverage of the paper by Dimas Martins & Gjini in Frontiers of Microbiology (2020)

Coverage of the paper by Gjini & Brito in PLoS Computational Biology (2016):